Deflation (NFTs + YOLOV)

Here you can find out more about long-term YOLOV deflation

YOLOV Token Deflation

Each transaction applies a burn percentage Additional burn sources: 1. Yolonaut Burn Fee 2. LP-Growth Contract 3. Loyalty Reward Claims

Loyalty NFT Deflation

There are two ways the Loyalty NFT Supply Deflates:

  1. After token withdrawal from the Keeper, the Loyalty NFT is reset to rank 0 and locked away forever--effectively increasing the reward claim amount for the remaining loyalty NFTs in circulation

  2. A RECRUIT rank Loyalty NFT is required to mint a Yolonaut NFT, and the RECRUIT NFT is locked away forever

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Yolonaut NFT Deflation

Deflation begins when the Loyalty NFT supply reaches below 500. Users will not be able to mint new Yolonauts, which requires one RECRUIT Loyalty NFT

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Artifacts NFT Deflation

Every time someone uses an Artifact, it is locked away.

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