Yolonaut NFT

Here you can learn everything about the Yolonaut NFT

Yield-Bearing & Innovative Staking:

  1. Auto harvests YOLOV yield every 24hrs

  2. YOLOV tokens are staked within the NFT

  3. Limited to a circulating supply of 500

Ranks - COMMON, RARE, EPIC, and LEGENDARY Each rank has specific perks!

Types of Perks: DAO Voting Power, Token Bonus, Fee Reduction Higher ranks have better perks!

Ranks & Perks:

Evolving Ranks

A newly minted Yolonaut NFT starts from the lowest COMMON rank. As time passes, NFT owners can evolve their Yolonaut to a higher rank.

You can use YOLOV to speed-up evolution times at a rate of: 4.16 DAYS reduced = 1 BNB (equivalent in YOLOV)

How to Buy/Mint

The easiest way to buy a Yolonaut NFT is through our Marketplace: https://my.yolo-verse.com/#/marketplace

You can mint new a Yolonaut NFT with our DApp: https://my.yolo-verse.com/#/div (requires 1x RECRUIT rank Loyalty NFT + BNB)

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