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Here you can find detailed information about the protocol and its functions

What is the YoloVerse ?

The YoloVerse protocol combines the BEP20 YOLOV token with DeFi enhanced NFTs. The protocol includes several contracts: 1 x BEP20 Token Contract (YOLOV) 4 x BEP721 NFT Contracts (Yolonaut, Loyalty, Artifacts, Speedster) +5 x Utility Contracts (LPGrowth, LPLocker, LoyaltyKeeper, NFT Marketplace..)

Periodically, users can claim YOLOV rewards from Loyalty NFTs, and automatically accumulate YOLOV within their Yolonaut NFTs.

Websites: https://yolo-verse.com/ https://my.yolo-verse.com/ https://swap.yolo-verse.com/ Whitepaper: https://yolo-verse.com/Yolovwildpaper.pdf

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Community Channels: https://twitter.com/yolo_verse https://t.me/yoloverse https://t.me/yoloversenews

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